Brand & Experience Concept

Projects that meet the principles for which the symbol stands may use the Happy Fish © logo and brand/experience concept ® after approval from the Wadden Society, which is the lawful owner of the logo, brand and experience concept.


We would be delighted to see the Happy Fish © being used as an international symbol for free fish migration, in the first instance because the corresponding measures are meant to act as a principle for the implementation of fish migration all over the world, but also because the approach of  free fish passage and construction of migration solutions in harmony with nature are a joint worldwide task. The Happy Fish © is a design by artist and landscape architect Bruno Doedens (SLeM in Amsterdam).


The Happy Fish © doesn’t stand by itself: it is registered as a brand within the European Union and the United States. The brand (consisting of the logo + typography of the Blije Fish / Happy Fish) is linked to the experience conception for the Fish Migration River Afsluitdijk. This project will consist of, amongst other things, a viewing window where visitors can spot and watch the migrating fish;  time projectors at the nearby Experience Centre ‘De Nieuwe Afsluitdijk’ and digital walls and projections, for example near the passage inside the Afsluitdijk (the so-called coupure). A substantive story will inform visitors of the importance and necessity for free fish migration.


The Happy Fish © and the brand / experience concept ® in the Fish Migration River Afsluitdijk project convey a clear message. They will show us that there is plenty to see and experience at the site from the perspective of the fish. The appealing design of the Happy Fish © makes it a tool that can be used to explain complex situations in clear pictorial language. It will speak to a large audience, but the happy symbol also invites you to keep an open mind on current issues and – when in full use – it will serve as a reminder of actions taken and will stimulate desired behavior. It represents a positive, cooperative and innovative manner of thinking, working and acting that benefits humans and nature alike.

For legal use, the following conditions apply:

  • The Wadden Society is entitled at any given time and without prior consent of any other party to use the visual material and the specific image of the Happy Fish © for its own (promotional) purposes, including the website, newsletter and any other means of communication, information and/or marketing goals.
  • For all non-commercial communications (digital, in print, etc.) in service of the Fish Migration River Afsluitdijk by the Wadden Society and other parties and/or initiators involved in the Fish Migration River Afsluitdijk, no fees occur to SLeM; provided that the name of the designer (Bruno Doedens / SLeM) is mentioned.
  • For all remaining non-commercial and commercial communications and use of visual material for objects (like merchandise) by any given party, prior approval must be obtained from both the Wadden Society and the designer. A possible (tiered) fee connected to this approval will be equally payable to the Wadden Society (50%) and SLeM (50%).




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